Slides and Grinds 2016 Skating has been a part of my life for almost 20 years now. Not a lot has changed, skating is more in the mainstream these days, but it’s still very much a subculture. To document this subculture I used an alternative color film method called Cross Development that produces a dramatic green effect in the negatives. The skateboarding culture is an alternative life style, and a dangerous one at that. I asked one of the skaters in this series, Kevin how often he gets hurt, “Everyday I hurt myself.” he said while he was sitting next to India. She is one of the few girl skaters around the park. India said she had been skating real skateboards only the last couple weeks, she was already better than I had ever been on a board. About this time I was warned that for several days now the rumor around the skate park has been that I’m a NARC. That’s right, apparently they think in this day of technology I’ve been down here shooting roll after roll of film as an under cover narcotics agent to take pictures of these skaters and get them arrested for drugs. Well, they were smoking drugs and drinking in public, not that I cared. They have now been captured for you to see.

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